These are some of the works our classes have made in the past. The possibilites of what you can make will always continue to grow!

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  • Candle Holders

    These fun candle holders are great for any table top or shelf. They can be made in all different colors, and can also be used as coasters!

  • Jewelry Plates

    Take the jewelry that you already love, and keep them safe on their own bedroom piece. We bet it will also take people's breath away.

  • Fun with Bud Vases

    Uniquely shaped, these can hold anything from flowers, pencils, or turn it into your own high-end toothpick holder!

  • Holiday Ornaments

    These holiday ornaments can be used for any occasion...Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa, or hey....why not Thanksgiving?

  • Desk Accessories

    You can create your own, personally crafted business card holders for your own business. Pencil holders are a nice touch.

  • Fruits and Veggies

    These fun little fruits and vegetables are a fantastic kitchen accessory. Kids love them too. Trust us, these will never go stale!

  • Plant and herb labels

    Decorate your garden with custom made garden labels. There's no way anyone could call you a stick in the mud with these in your backyard.

  • Bird Houses

    We'll bet you'll make plenty of new feathery friends with thes fun bird houses. Just remember, once they show up, they'll never want to leave!

  • Fall Decor

    Fall is a perfect time to show off your hand crafted pumpkins and other fall accessories. You won't want to put these away when Winter comes!

  • Boat Building

    Don't live near water? Don't worry, your sea-born adventures can live on with your self-made boat! Set sail on any design you can dream of.

  • Tiles

    These are perfect for classrooms and schools. Kids can design a tile of anything they'd like. Put them together, and you have a mural!

  • Vases

    These will enhance any room in the house or office, and you can make them in any color or size. You'll be showing off your own art in no time!


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