• Pottery Works Mobile

    Pottery Works Mobile is a unique, personally tailored experience for any group to enjoy. With the hard work of our staff, PWM has introduced a new and exciting way for groups of any size, whether at the home or office, a chance to flex their creative muscles. It is an unparalleled experience that allows you to not only connect with your peers, but your hidden artistic self.

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  • A Higher Artistic Experience

    Our staff takes participants through the exhilarating stages of creating unmatched works (because they're yours!) of clay art that can be used for decoration or even practical uses around the house. In the past, PWM has hosted holiday parties for offices where extravagant, professional-looking ornaments were created for the home.

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  • Your vision, your creation

    Just don't expect to sit idly by and be handed a little pot at the end of your session. During each event, our leaders act as artistic gurus and guide you through the process of planning, executing and finishing your own unique vision. Whether it's a dog bowl for your furry companion at home or an awe-inspiring dining table center piece, we can aid you in achieving your goal.

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What We Do

Pottery Works Mobile works with you to design the perfect type of pottery class for your participants. In the past, classes have been designed around creating ornaments at holiday parties, art installations in the office or practical and unique items to show off at home.

-- Styling & Photos by Christine Fitzpatrick --

Testimonials From Our Clients

Highland Elementary School

PWM worked with my son’s graduating class to design a tile display as a gift to the school. The entire experience from conceptualization to realization was amazing. I can’t imagine a more personal and lasting gift than the tiles our children created. The staff is smart, creative and easy going. We all learned so much from them and the kids truly had a great time.

- Maureen Walter

How It Works

Once the date and time is set, PWM arrives at the location with all the necessary tools and supplies to spend a relaxing afternoon creating your own personal masterpieces out of clay. Each class leader will go around and personally attend to all participants' needs, so don't worry if you've never touched clay before in your life.

At the end of the class, all creations are collected and taken to the kiln to be glazed and fired. After only a couple of days the pieces are returned to the artists (that's you!) to be marveled upon by all.

All we ask of you is an excited attitude and a table or two.

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