Take your company to the next level by infusing your workers with creativity. When they step out of the box and see things from a new perspective they will carry that over into their professional lives as well.

"I found the more fun I created in the company, the more creative and innovative it became. That was the big kahuna - the fun piece."

-Barbara Corcoran

Founder, The Corcoran Group

"Whether it's designing a new product, solving a daily problem or plotting to disrupt an industry - Creativity is key to moving your business forward."

Incorporating creativity and art truly is key in taking your business to the next level! Potteryworks Mobile's greatest desire is to encourage your company's management to communicate and inspire their employees in a creative, fun filled open environment. We will bring everything to you and host the event on-site of your business. All you need to provide is the table and chairs.

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At your Corporate Team Building event we will give you the opportunity to:
  • Hold a Question and Answer Session
  • Interact with your coworkers on a personal level
  • Encourage growth and creativity in your business
  • Learn new artistic skills of working with clay, paint glazes, and its required tools
  • Create a beautiful Piece of Art to be displayed on Company Property

  • Your company will decide what Art installment the workshop will build whether it is a Tiled wall display, a Totem Pole Stand Set, or a custom Wall Art Piece like The Butterfly.

    Once your Workshop is over all of the artwork will be transported back to the Potteryworks Mobile Studio to be fired. We will then return and install your art to be displayed. We have worked with:

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