You are never too old to play in the mud! Our Adult classes and programs are suited for all ages and skill levels.

Adult Classes

Potteryworks Mobile partners with several Bucks County Townships and Philadelphia Community Centers to offer a variety of Adult Classes. These classes range from Onetime events to several week workshops and cover a variety of techniques from stamping and detail work to creating 3d objects and decorations. Projects include but are not limited to decorative plates, seasonal decorations, and an opportunity for you to use your imagination to create what you have always wanted to make.

Adult Parties

Looking for something Unique to do with your friends on a Saturday Night? Are you a pet lover, fish owner, or have a creative idea inside just waiting to come out? Host a themed Pottery Party. You can make personalized fish tanks, pet food dishes, personalized plates, holiday ornaments, or whatever your imagination can come up with.

Active Communities, Churches, Synagogues, and other Organizations

Potteryworks Mobile also specializes in offering workshops to meet the particular needs of your group. You will have the opportunity to create holiday ornaments, create your own personal Mezuzah for your home's door post, design your own plate, or create seasonal decorations.

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